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My name is Brandon Jaime, and I was born and raised in beautiful Southern California. The youngest and wildest of three kids, I became a world traveler at the age of 14, won a soccer tournament in Denmark, and joined the military. All before I turned 19. My twenties were pretty crazy and I almost died twice. But I found out who I was, and I realized art is what I wanted to do with my life. These travels and experiences have have made me see the beauty in life and in everything around us. I try to capture it all in my creativity.


I am a graphic designer, photographer, and fine artist. Along with my family and soccer, art is my life.


I have been designing everything from company logos to print ads to web apps for the past ten years and I don’t see the creative flow in me stopping anytime soon. Being a creative mind, I feel I can I can bring new and innovative ideas to any company. The fight that goes on between the left and right sides of my brain gives me the creative and technical skills needed to complete the multi-faceted projects that are given to me on a daily basis.


My personality and work ethic make me an ideal partner, and whether a project is solo or team oriented, I am willing to always give it 100% to get the job done.











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P: 1.949.274.1421 • E: RadBrandonCreative@gmail.com


Resume available upon request.

RAD   Brandon